Mission Statement

L . E . A . D . E . R . S
Leadership – Education – Advocacy – Determination – Excellence – Respect – Servitude

Welcome to ISDHH.org. The International Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes and empowers Leaders for the deaf through Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Determination, Excellence and Servitude.

ISDHH was established in 2015 as a Non-Profit organization to advocate and empower the Muslim deaf community, and facilitate their understanding of Islam and their integration within the Muslim community. Due to lack of understanding of the needs of the deaf both intellectually and spiritually, they are always excluded from the learning process including Jummah Khutbah and religious education by Muslim scholars, or even a Du’a in Ramadan which made deaf muslims feel disenfranchised and not cared for by their brothers and sisters in faith. Due to lack of resources, deaf Muslims have minimal to no knowledge of what the Holy Qur’an contains or what the different narrations of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teach us. They are very eager to learn Islam and they need and want to feel inclusive in our hearing Muslim community.

We support people that are deaf and hard of hearing of all backgrounds and ages, nationally and internationally. This blog serves as a medium for deaf to come together from all around the world.